Trust Youth. Repeal PNA.

Young people
are leading the fight
for abortion access

Trust youth
to be the experts
in their own lives

The Legislation

Illinois’ forced Parental Notification of Abortion (PNA) is a law that harms young people. PNA mandates that when people 17 years old and younger decide to have an abortion, a healthcare provider must notify an adult family member — a parent, grandparent, step-parent they live with, or other legal guardian — at least 48 hours in advance of the procedure.

PNA can and does put young people in danger. Research shows that youth who can tell their parents or caretakers do. But young people who don’t have those safe relationships have very real concerns about their well-being, and are the ones most likely to suffer harmful consequences.

All young people
deserve to be safe,
affirmed, and healthy

Young people
know their lives
and home situations

The Impact

Trust young people to know what — and who — will keep them safe, affirmed, and healthy. Otherwise, we risk putting youth in danger.

Young people who seek abortion care almost always involve someone they trust in the process — an aunt, a sibling, a teacher, a partner — but this current law doesn’t consider everyone that a young person may choose to support them.

By forcing parental conversations regardless of a family’s particular dynamics, this law actually endangers young people.

Even laws with
“good intentions” can have a negative impact on youth

PNA is not Okay! Young people are fighting for their rights

The Challenge

Young people must be protected and listened to. Young people and their adult allies say: Illinois must relieve unnecessary burdens — like PNA — for youth who seek access to safe, legal abortion care.

History has shown that people will access abortion by any means necessary. We need to ensure that young people can access safe procedures, so they can make decisions about their health that are best for their lives.

It is lawmakers’ responsibility to keep young people safe. Keeping youth safe includes getting rid of forced parental involvement laws.

Take Action

For over a decade, ICAH youth organizers have been working to repeal PNA. It’s time. Youth are waiting. The Reproductive Health and Access Coalition is committed to repealing PNA. For partnering and supportive organizations and, click here.